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Eric stays behind the camera this time, but there's no shortage of hot, needy little fuckholes and dominant, bull-hung studs like PETO COAST, LE BEUR, DYLAN COX and more, going at it like there's no tomorrow. We have something for everyone, from the down 'n' dirty rest stop fuck, to the scorching poolside plow, to the see-it-to-believe-it threeway between three straight guys. Released: December 2012

Director: Paul Morris


Hey guys, my name is Paul, im a 49 yo otter-pig in SF, who lives in France also, SF native, but have a foot in each place. I moved back a few years ago to the city, and miss the outdoor sex there so much, miss fucking str8 men big time, whether from my pad in Paris, or my farmhouse down near Fontainebleau, I was never more than20 minutes from great sex. I visit often, one hell of an incentive here. I am more than a fan of your face -value art, I say this as there's no hidden agenda, I live the same way. I have many films I've purchased from you. In wanting some more fuck films I pre-viewed Eric's fuck tapes, and have had sex in two of the French places, the bar, and the rest-stop on the auto-route, if you ever want a tour or a suggestion of many more places, please ask, I know them well, all over Western Europe. I proudly spread my seed all over that continent, and shared others in many different spots. I watched this as I was making breakfast and was shaking, and soaking wet by the time a few scenes were complete. Bravo, you truly captured this beautiful place and it's natives at work, and you mixed it well with our men from here, the talking from the French guy in the rest stop is how men talk during sex there,,something I miss terribly, it's communication, and about something that could not be more interesting. When I talk in French with one of mt boyfriends there, I produce a major load, it DOES make a difference. You guys never fail to rock my world....... Cheers ,,,,,,

Love this video

Fuck these scenes are HOT! My holes could use some of this type of work...

Scene at 1:08 is so fuckin ott

hoTT fucking slutS! guys PLEASE use my holes like this!!!

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