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Blake, BJ, and Justin - Trailer

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<a href="http://timfuck.treasureislandmedia.com/scenes/BlakeBJJustin"><script src="//gloryhole.treasureislandmedia.com/embed/F110413a?v=2"></script></a>
Blake Daniels is ready, willing, and fuckin' starving for cock-- and BJ Slater and Justin Cox are more than happy to oblige him. Blake puts his sweet mouth to use right from the start, switching between the topmen as he sucks and licks thei...

Director: Paul Morris


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Trailer trash half brothers probably. sure is good lickin in them asses yee ha

fucking hot rim job by BJ slater!

Love BJ Slater!

This video was G-R-E-A-T. I agree with lazygrady Jerry Sterns is hot as hell and I love watching him fuck but, fresh dark meat is always welcomed. That's what Justin is fresh dark meat. His sexy chiseled body and don't forget that long black cock. I have been a fan of BJ's every since his early years in porn. He looks awesome in this video. His pecks lightly furred and that facial hair gives him that rugged daddy look. When he mounted Blake at about 9:30 was fuckin awesome the only thing that would have sent me over the edge would have been if Justin would have followed and gave Blake the double fuck of his young ass life.

Oh yes! This has everything. I'm a complete sucker for pale white flesh and amazing buttcheeks. Plus the daddies are easy on the eye too.

Blake really has a superb smooth edible bubble ass on a slender white boy's frame...YUM. While Justin certainly had the biggest dick, as a lot of black boys do and he knew how to use it, there were moments ornery older B J Salter gave superior performance, especially pounding Blake's fine smooth baby like ass that first and second time. However I was turned on when Justin busted his load inside Blake's rectum and jerked his body in orgasmic spasms. No pretty faced boys here, but good raw butt sex. I would buy this scene.

I wish you guys would use more black Tops in your videos (besides Jerry Sterns). Again, this is another amazing scene that should have made it on to one of your DVDs.

I'm fallin for this dad son thing. Youngr dude beein fucked by mature dads.. Hot as hell. Got to be an age thing.. "- Come on son, Dad 'll show u somethin.."

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