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Drew Sebastian & John Dahl - Trailer

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<a href="http://timfuck.treasureislandmedia.com/scenes/DREWandJOHN"><script src="//gloryhole.treasureislandmedia.com/embed/?v=2"></script></a>
The air is thick and practically dripping with sexual chemistry when T.I.M. Exclusives Drew Sebastian (in his Treasure Island Media debut) and John Dahl meet up for the first time. They can't keep their hands and mouths off each other, kiss...

Director: Paul Morris


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these two were made to do that scene, that day...so fucking intense...want them BOTH

awesome scene

Drew does it again for me, making those bottom boys GRUNT, with that big fuckin' rectum wrecker! I love his butch top man looks and the bald head with tough face and neat beard makes him a daddy to deal with. John Dahl sure lets you know it hurts too. LOL I like both guys bodies too but I would have like to see Drew push John's legs back further and some ass shots of top man Drew butt fucking him from the rear. neat trick at the beginning sucking Drew's dick out of the pocket!

Hot! More Drew Sebastian please.

Please, Please, Please, more Drew Sebastian!

fucking awesome

Fucking HOT scene. I've cum many times fantasizing Drew fuck and shoot his salty load deep in my hungry fuck hole.

This flick is pretty hot. he takes it pretty good!

Two beautiful men totally into each other. This is mano a mono passion gay men dream about!

i'd like to get split by that big cock~ and the top looks like he is having fun too awesome

I love seeing a top shove his tongue deep inside his man's mouth while his dick is deep inside his guts!

Bareback Pig
3 stars

that dick is so big I get light headed when its hard!

fucking hot cock

I love it!!

I like <3

Super hot!

Very nice foreplay with the dick through the front pocket...definitely erotic! Drew and John were a great pair and I think TIM did a great job finding Drew he is an awesome fit for TIM. With his fat cock and hot body...who will be the next victim? ;)

yep, john needs a gangbang, or at least a threeway so both holes can be stuffed at the same time..... hot bottom boi, and a hot dom top with real skills in topping.... and either one heck of an acting job or there is a real attraction between these two... gotta say I like the foreplay...nipple tweaking, sucking that dick through the pant pocket..... got me cranked up

What an amazing scene wow! More of this amazing top please. Love the kissing you can tell they loved making this scene!

Forgot to mention, what happened to TIM's policy on starting the video right with the fuckin' !!! Shit... now it's like all these other wack twink sites were we have to see them making out in their clothes half the damn time before the shit gets good... and then it doesn't get good!!!! WAT THA FCUK!

Drew is so HOT! More of him please! You've found a real winner.

Oh. My. God. I need Drew's load.

Great bottom. I would have been rougher.

Hot fuckin scene!!! Cant wait to see more of both. And yes jJohn needs a gangbang

Never before have Heaven and Hell been so close.

"Reunited lovers"...

John needs a gangbang!

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