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Drew Sebastian & Luke Bennet - Trailer

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<a href="http://timfuck.treasureislandmedia.com/scenes/DrewLuke"><script src="//gloryhole.treasureislandmedia.com/embed/?v=2"></script></a>
When Luke Bennet heard Drew Sebastian was into shibari, he jumped at the chance to be tied up for the TIM stud's pleasure. Suspended and bound, Luke is still all smiles as they get started, eager for a taste of Drew's fabled dick. He doesn'...

Director: Paul Morris


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I used to tie myself (using carabenieri clips) over a padded 'horse' at a local sex-on-premises joint in Sydney Australia, with my manhole spread for any horny stud to breed me like Drew gets done. One night this horny young guy stepped up behind me, opened his jeans, and literally rammed his really hard (about) 8-9", quite thick, raw sex totally up inside me. He fucked me like a fury for about 5-10 minutes, while quite a crowd gathered to watch. Suddenly he pulled out, zipped up and walked. I asked "Did you cum?" He looked back, and said "Not yet, but I'll be back to finish up." After he left - he was quite young, very well built, and very good looking - most of the crowd left. About half an hour later my stud fucker returned, unzipped, and I sucked him till he was moaning, and his steel sex was pumping pre-cum. Without a word he pulled out of my mouth, walked behind me and grabbed hold of my leather harness. I felt that big, throbbing, hard-on as he pulled my glutes wide and he positioned that huge knob on my quivering man-cunt. One power thrust and he buried the full length of his manhood inside my cunt. Watching Drew, when Luke walks behind him, brought back that wonderful night that I was lucky enough to have a horny stud breed, and seed, me. Hearing Drew pleading with Luke, as Luke hard rams Drew's stretch boi-pussy, and Drew pleading to have Luke seed him, and fertilise his cunt deeply as he ejaculates was a real turn on. Too many vids, and too many boi-bitches, either don't show this - the reason why two guys mate together - or show the bitch sucking the stud cummy dick. It was great seeing Luke pump his balls deep, momentarily pull out to show one spurt of cum, and then plunging his fat, throbbing, manhood deep into Luke's boi-cunt so his man-seed isn't wasted. Nothing worse than seeing a well built, horny, stud's precious sperm being wasted in a condom, on the floor, or jet onto a bitch's back, or stomach, as the top achieves his orgasm, and isn't allowed to fertilise the bitch he has just spent so much energy, such an intense emotional input, and offered the bitch he's mated, and bred, the greatest gift one man can offer another. I really get annoyed, seeing a stud's precious seed being so casually discarded. What would have made this video, just smigin better, would be to have Drew look back, over his right shoulder - just before Luke walks up to have his tool cleaned - and for Drew to see a line of 10, or so, horny studs. Hard dicks sticking out their fly, and them grinning at the prospect of also BBC on this bitches, now, well lubed boi-cunt and also deep seeding her.

awesome....love it?!!!

I love taking my time to pound away on a helpless boy like that...just loose myself in the fucking of a nice hole with no attention to what the boy wants or doesn't want, since he's not getting released until I get my own needed release! Great video! (Luke's got a nice face and a great ass)!

Love Luke's narrative one of the hottest scenes I've seen in a long time!

fucking beautiful. More DREW!

One of hottest....love the twitching hungry ass

I guess it was a given they were not going to change positions. Is there a sling in Drew's next 1-on-1 with a pig bottom?

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