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Dan Fisk & Ari - Trailer

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<a href="http://timfuck.treasureislandmedia.com/scenes/FiskAri"><script src="//gloryhole.treasureislandmedia.com/embed/?v=2"></script></a>
Ari sets the pace by eagerly polishing the head of Dan Fisk's beautiful cock, showing his fascination with the impressive schlong. Dan takes control of the action next, giving Ari the rimming of his life as he moans in ecstasy. Then Dan se...

Director: Paul Morris



Terrific! Each one better than the next...Thanks ,TIM, for allowing me to see that !!

Super hot nice and slow but erotic more young bottoms and hung middle aged tops

More Dan fisk with younger guys!

love it

Dan's orgasms are always so intense...I loved watching Dan's baby batter ooze from that worn-out pucker! This is a flawless top who really knows how fuck a guy's butthole. What a thrill to feel that prick spasm sperm deep in your guts and enjoy that tingle!

Wow, Dan fisk is so hot. and the young naive boy... I love when the top shoot inside. It is where the cum is should be.

Dan sure takes his time and gently penetrates that tight rectum...Boy sure likes it

This video is different from the often fast hard fuck one. It entertains my fantasy of a cute 17 year old high school nerd who runs into a 32 year old hung porn star at a hotel. The boys parents do not realize their late teen son has gone to the porn star's hotel room and the porn star gives into the temptation to make sweet love to the boy. The kid is a near virgin and not used to getting fucked but the 32 year insists and slowly pries open's up his tight young butt lips in a missionary position. The butt fucker screws him gently and the big hard veiny dick explodes inside the boy's colon filling his butt hole with a generous load of the man's dick snot. Yeah this one was a real ball buster for me, especially a missionary position on a cute young bottoms. However I know veteran butt fucker Dan could really ;let loose and FUCK THE LIVIN' SHIT OUT ARI...

Think it's hot. This schoolboy lookin dude Ari is really enjoying whats happeninh to him. Could actually pass for a sweet virgin beein seduced by his older neigbour, teacher or hot Facebook hook up. Dan's tender treat of that hot boy pussy is really erotic.

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