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Hotel Cumdump - Trailer

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<a href="http://timfuck.treasureislandmedia.com/scenes/Hotel_Cumdump"><script src="//gloryhole.treasureislandmedia.com/embed/?v=2"></script></a>
The hotel cumdump is a time-honored tradition and enduring fantasy for a lot of men, including Jack Allen and Jeremy East. Jack told his buddy Jeremy he wanted to do an anonymous fuck scene--as long as Jeremy made sure there was already jiz...

Director: Max Sohl


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Who's that Alex Markos guy? He looks hot.

MIdtown CUMDUMP = servicing all cummers who need a hole to shoot in!!! mail for info studs guycity@gmail.com

1st and last fuckers where the best!

More of Randy please

5 Stars for Randy Harden!!! Okay that man makes me so hard just watching him strip down to his socks which he keeps on while pounding that lucky bottom - Randy is one sexy top - so handsome and fucking hot! I love watching him continue to pound and drill that hole even after he came. Please give us more of Randy and make sure he keeps his socks on while pounding his bottom boys. . .

Very hot bottom with nice muscle legs and the perfect amount of body hair. The first scene was the best! I see the top frequently in SF and he knows how to OWN a hot cumdump; fuck it deep, taste it, breed it, then fuck every drop of that hot nut in his ass. The extra push to fuck hard after he drop nut in the dump made me nut and eat it. The mature top was beautiful to watch as well. His long hair reminded me of this excellent deep throat biker I connected with at Blow Buddies. Anyway, his patient approach to barebacking the now two loads deep cumdump caused me to fast forward to the end. He delivered a powerful orgasm that left him breathless. P|W

i think i should be the cum slut who gets filled up in "hotel cumdump part 2

damn....wish i was the btm in that scene

Jack Allen is a GOD! This guy is so fucking HOTT! I would to service him anywhere, anytime. Sucking and having my ass fucked by him would be a dream come true. I'd ride that cock and take it in any and all positions he would like to give it to me 'till he fills my hole with his spunk...then I would more than happy to clean off his dick and taste my ass.

I dont usual;ly make two comments about a video scene but I keep watching this one over and over! No doubt Jeremy has a fuckable ass, but Jack Allen really knows how to 'BURN A BOOTY' OMG! Jack Allen is a primo butt fucker. He also has a nice ass to watch too when his ass cheeks squeeze when he fucks in other videos.

I've nutted to this scene at least 10 times already...outstanding

Boring - I fell asleep during this scene. Can we please get a camera guy who will include shots of the top from the back while he's fucking? Jack Allen is hot - I was disappointed in this scene, however.

All I have to say is, any video with Jack Allen in it will get 5 stars!

The scene started out entertaining me, with the nice fitted Levi's on the first butt fucker. I loved the butt smacking of his his pelvis against those buns. The second butt fucker just shot cum and no big deal there. However the last butt fucker daddy Jack Allen is a hot mature top. Wished he were my top man when I had bubble buns at 22. Man did he make this guy's buns 'shake' like Jello molds and I like how he built up tempo to shoot cum at the end. Although he'd shot his wad well deep inside the guys colon to come back out, we know he had to have came in his ass good. Jack shoots big wads too. I used to love some of those butch toned hung daddies mounting my ass and pissing hefty wads in my butt hole in my 20s. The scene brought back memories. I gave it a 5.

really hot!

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