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Ian Jay and Adam Gunner - Trailer

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<a href="http://timfuck.treasureislandmedia.com/scenes/IANandADAM"><script src="//gloryhole.treasureislandmedia.com/embed/?v=2"></script></a>
Notorious cumjunkie Ian Jay and ace topman Adam Gunner get down and dirty with each other in the bathroom. They start off by putting their skilled tongues to good use in each other's mouths and then take turns on their knees, Ian gorging hi...

Director: Paul Morris


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Hot, hot, hot. Adam is fantastic with his lithe, hot, hairy body and fuck energy. I can suggest part 2: Ian's fuck hole full of Adam's cum which I rim and enjoy, natural lube for my cock. I penetrate Ian, and Adam pentrates me from behind. A hot fuck chain follows with lots of cum flowing into Ian's hole and into mine. Please provide more fuck chain scenes. They are fuck heaven!

Great video,we need more like it. MORE PISS. This is not supposed to be a vanilla site.

I enjoyed this video. Although the TOP isn't the 'biggest' in the world, he puts a great deal of work into it. As I've always said; "it's the motion of the ocean, not the size of the wave". Would like to see more of Adam.

Ian is a pure joy to watch. His ass is fantastic and takes seed so greedily. Makes you jealous for what he was taking.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, this is just how I love my top to fuck me,,,, long hard than pump my ass with his nut butter than clean his cock so he can give me his piss juices!!!

I love it when tops continue to fuck me after they have already cum inside me. I only do bareback, and it is so hot to have hot cum pushed back inside me by the dick that gave it to me. I love it when men pee on me after fucking me, too. I so worship cock that I love it when I get that extra gift. Very nice!

Well what can I say, it is Ian Jay! I love how those butt fuckers always seem to love tearing into his young backside like a mountain lion on baby pig flesh. Adam was quite good, with a nice amount of 'PUMP' to his ass fucking role. You could easily tell he loved what he was doing to Ian's butt hole and it must have felt real good, because he pissed cum inside his ass just at the right spot. Loved that sperm dripping out of the butt hole scene. And yes Ian does have a nice pair of BUNZ. I would love to see Ian Jay with another hung daddy, like Derek Anthony,who pounded Ian into the sheets in the video, "The Breeding of Ian Jay." BTW: I am glad this was not another sit down fuck. I hate 'sit on it' ass fucks. A top man is suppose to be 'on top' or at least on the back as it was in this video.

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