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Kurt Wood and Judd - Trailer

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<a href="http://timfuck.treasureislandmedia.com/scenes/KURTandJUDD"><script src="//gloryhole.treasureislandmedia.com/embed/?v=2"></script></a>
Kurt Wood starts this scorchin' flip-flop scene blissfully choking himself on Judd's thick dong. Judd returns the favor and gets Kurt's dick standing to attention in no time. "The best lube is man-spit, precum, and cum," Kurt declares as he...

Director: Liam Cole


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Please show us a full clip of Kurt getting rimmed deep and slowly sucked at the same time - with an extra cameraview on his face - and that without stopping until he cums in the suckers mouth - a 3rd man has to play with Kurts nipples... for that scene I would pay... a lot!

I love seeing Judd getting fucked.

This is the perfect pairing! Now if only it were in HD! Maybe it's time for Round 2?

I love Kurt Wood, all his whimpering and edging. He's obviously really enjoying himself. Judd is hot too!

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