BJ Slater & Lucca Mazza

Muscle hole LUCCA MAZZA worships BJ SLATER’s famous cock as he gets his beefy ass filled balls deep on the man’s weapon sized cock. He grunts as his second hole is pushed through and BJ drill fucks him rearranging his innards. Of course like any hungry fuckhole he takes every hard thrust. Slater is a pro in front of our cameras. You can tell he made a name for himself in porn because he loves to fuck. He isn’t satisfied until all his babies are buried inside Lucca’s man-cunt.

Director: Paul Morris

Andre Barclay & Kirby

Big dick KIRBY has ANDRE BARCLAY waste no time getting his meat in his mouth. No surprise, this hungry boy sucks, slurps, licks & laps all over Kirby’s preppy cock and balls. Following Kirby’s lead, Andre bends over giving his hole up to be eaten and snaked full of dick. Kirby doesn’t hold back from filling the boy up deep and quickly. Andre’s asshole takes long deep dick strokes stabbing his guts as he

Director: Paul Morris

Bathhouse Fuck

TIM's own Kenny Host & Dice are let loose in a Seattle Bathhouse for all sorts of sexual shenanigans - bumping into (and onto) Adrien Oregon, Cameron Karter & Riley Landon along the way. All kinds of bodily fluids are shared by all. This scene uncharacteristically has recorded music that was playing at the bathhouse.

Director: Damon Dogg

Mark Mann & Phoenix Sanchez

MARK MANN is a hungry cock whore. Needing to feel his hole full, he takes out a dildo and fucks himself to pass the time until he can get the real thing. He is like a bitch in heat waiting to be filled up before the top arrives, even confessing to the crew that he just took a trick’s load before they got there. PHOENIX SANCHEZ shows up, and Mark is treated to a deep rim job and aggressive full throat fuck. On his back and ready to take Phoenix’s pierced cock to the hilt, Mark’s hole was given nothing but deep hard spit slicked thrusts.

Director: Paul Morris

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