Cesar Xes & Jasper Jones

Scene 2 from FUCK ME, BRO!

CESAR XES loves to have sex all the time. When asked if he wanted to plow JASPER JONES hungry ass he was all for it. Jasper loves sucking and getting fucked, so Cesar used him right there on the couch and fed him his uncut cock and cum.

Director: Dice

Topher DiMaggio & Peyton Chrimata

Scene 1 from FUCK ME, BRO!

During TOPHER DIMAGGIO’s trip to Portland, he wanted to pound a hot tight hole! We contacted Seattle native, PEYTON CHRIMATA, to see if he was up for getting some dick. He definitely was and drove down to Portland to get his dump filled. Topher tosses this guy around and fucks him in several different positions until he is ready to load him up.

Director: Dice

buzz cut

Scene 6 from sexpigs in a man-tramp promised land

Chill-out time! Dick Savvy gives Matt Wylde's head a pre-fuck shave. The second Dick's finished, he puts Matt in the sling. Born again, the cock servant is baptized with a good old-fashioned, legs-up deep-breeding… and that’s how we grow em, here at TIM.


Director: Paul Morris

the happiest place on earth

Scene 5 from sexpigs in a man-tramp promised land

All in one and one in all! 18 men of all shapes, sizes, and desires, fuckin' and suckin' with no rules and a flood of jizz and bonhomie! Ya got tall men, short men, muscle dogs, lean-as-bone fuckers; ya got big cocks, hungry bungs, men-impregnators and holes that need to stockpile sperm for the winter. I called this scene "The Happiest Place on Earth™" and you’ll know fuckin’ why when you get a gander at th’ fun.

Director: Paul Morris

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