Derek Parker, Eli Cummings & Felix Strike

Derek Parker wets and inspects Eli Cummings' meaty hole while having his own ass serviced by Felix Strike's hungry mouth. The trio piles on top of each other forming a mound of man sex that leaves nuts busted and holes bred.

Director: Kenny Host


Scene 3 from HARD CUTS III

Fuck foreplay - these sex swines are all about the main event. PETO COAST throws JAKE ASCOTT down on the bed, and in an instant his legs are spread, waiting to receive Peto’s legendary fat uncut schlong into him. Long slow fucks strokes are sporadically interrupted by quick forceful thrusts, just to remind Jake this ain’t love making.

Director: Liam Cole


Scene 2 from HARD CUTS III

If you like your bottoms elfish barely legal twinks with a phenomenal gaping cock pocket, we got the prince of whores here in ALEK SILVERS. But the real star is CRAIG LONDON and his stunning 8.5 uncut rock hard cock. Previously seen in group scenes in The 1,000 Load Fuck and Breeding Season 2, this gives Craig’s dick the showcase it deserves.

Director: Liam Cole


Scene 1 from HARD CUTS III

FOSTER RIVIERA and MATTEO VALENTINE cross paths in the sub level labyrinth of a British sex club. Between the booths and out in the open, Matteo drops to his knees to dutifully service the massive cock before him. Foster doesn’t need much more encouragement to get Matteo’s ass on his face for some thorough butt munching.

Director: Liam Cole

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Director: Liam Cole

Producer: Paul Morris

Liam Cole is not messing around with HARD CUTS III. He’s gathered 22 of his most brutal tops and piggy bottoms in EIGHT new balls to Union Jack fuck scenes. Including a live sex gangbang in a London porn shop and an extended bonus 4-way Berlin underground group fuck fest. All Liam’s best European hard core tops – along with their massive UNCUT dicks are here: Fostter Riviera, Craig London, Peto Coast, Anton Dickson, and Sam Porter – to name just a few. And a pack of his all-star fuck sluts: Matteo Valentine, Alex Silvers, Jake Ascott, Carl Jacobs, Dean Anderson, Russ Magnus – and so many more!!!

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