Damian Arca Gangbang

Scene 3 from CUM TUNNELS

An open call out to the men of Palm Springs resulted in this 40-minute 19-man pool party gangbang of a blindfolded Damian Arca. Arca is a pig to the slaughter as the pack of horny men surround and corner him on the designated fuck bed. Things start off slow as just a couple of guys take turns tag-teaming the bottom. Little does he know that the group of men is slowly growing in numbers.

Director: Damon Dogg & Dice

Dice & Michael Roman

Scene 2 from CUM TUNNELS

DICE is no fool. He decided to have some fun himself while in Palm Springs. He has had his eye on MICHAEL ROMAN’s thick cut cock since they met at a gangbang in New Orleans. Michael is one horny muscle meathead. He starts off having Dice wet up his cock with his mouth and then returns the favor by eating his hole out before having him sit on his face so he can get it good and ready - all the while as Dice continues to suck him off.

Director: Damon Dogg & Dice

Damian Arca & Silver Steele

Scene 1 from CUM TUNNELS

SILVER STEELE likes a open sloppy hole. He welcomes DAMIAN ARCA to Palm Springs and promptly splits the kid wide open with his fat PA’d dick. That is just a warm up for both of them. Determined to get Damian’s butt gaping – Silver shoves his entire fist in - making the hungry bottom squeal in delight. Each act of ass stretching gets Damian’s nice uncut dick just a little bit harder.

Director: Damon Dogg & Dice

Jon Galt, Vic Rocco and Jake Morgan

New from Nick Moretti! We have been wanting to get Jon Galt and Vic Rocco on TIMFUCK for ever. In their TIMFUCK debut, Vic and Jon get their paws on Jake Morgan and don't let go! These big dick daddies trade off feeding and breeding their boy until he is full of cum.

Director: Nick Moretti

Member Exclusive Premier Release

Cum Tunnels

Director: Damon Dogg & Dice

Producer: Max Sohl,Paul Morris

Dice and Damon Dogg bring you CUM TUNNELS, a new fuck film shot entirely in Palm Springs, a place where men go to get away and drink, fuck, stretch holes, fist and take loads. Seven new scenes including one crazy outta control 19-man gangbang of DAMIAN ARCA. Featuring DICE, JD DANIELS, PARKER LOGAN, DEAN ROGERS, SILVER STEELE, MICHAEL ROMAN and many many more. “It’s fucked up and raunchy." – Parker Logan

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