WESLEY is a Portland native that loves to get fucked. DOLF happened to be in town for the weekend so we took WESLEY to get the breeding of his life. There is no saying no to DOLF. This kid was ready to submit.

Director: Dice

Eric Smyth & Vincent Valentine

Eric Smyth knows a bitch in heat when he meets one. He uses Vincent Valentine’s total horniness to get his dick in and get his load out making the kid beg for every drop of his precious frat boy cum.

Director: Dice

Miguel Angel & Juan Axel

Miguel Angel relentlessly pounds his dick deep into Juan Axel's willing ass. Using every cock stroke, as he prepares to inseminate the bottom's hungry hole.

Director: Adan Medina

Sam Lewis & Malik Hussain

A couple of days after whoring out Sam Lewis’ ass to all his buddies (see Sam Lewis Gangbang), Malik Hussain takes the kid for a 1-on-1 breeding. Malik has himself a well trained, albeit sometimes cheeky, fuck hole in Sam. Along the way, Hussain has Sam show off and open his butt with a huge ass dildo. The hungry bottom obediently surrenders himself for Malik's use before bending over and begging to take the man's dick and cum up the bum.

Director: Liam Cole

Member Exclusive Premier Release


Director: Dice

Producer: Paul Morris

"If you're a top that loves to plow a hot ass or a bottom that loves to get used, this movie is for you. Fucking holes like they’re nothing but a slab of meat and making it known they are made to take dick and made to be pounded and filled. These men do just that, they use, they fuck, and they take. All men go through hunger and when they do, they crave. You go on the hunt for prey to satisfy that hunger. As a bottom you crave to be taken, you crave to be used, and you will do whatever and whoever will fill your hole’s needs. As a top you search for that willing Meat-Hole." Featuring BRIAN BONDS, DADDY CREAM, DOLF DIETRICH, JACK DIXON, DJ, WESLEY DOWNS, ACE ERA, MEL GREY, SIR JET, MIGUEL KING, RILEY LANDON, CONRAD LOGAN, PARKER LOGAN, KEATON MARKS, DRAVEN NAVARRO, TRISTAN NOLAN, DEREK NORTH, RYAN POWERS, HAMED RAIDD, BRODIE RAMIREZ, JETT RINK, ROGUE STATUS, JAMES STEVENS, DIEGO TOVAR and ETHAN WOLFE.

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