Carlo Montero & Cameron Karter

Cameron Carter has a nice thick cut dick that has needs. Like using Carlos Montero’s mouth and ass to spread his seed. Cameron prison fucks Carlo into submission until he deposits his babies deep in Carlos’ man-cunt.

Director: Dice

Jack Dixon & Wesley Downs

Jack Dixon gets his paws on Wesley Downs and makes sure his big ol' daddy dick fills up both this boy's holes.

Director: Dice

Aaron Xanders, Jack Allen & Johnny Hunger

Jack Allen takes Aaron Xanders under his wing and shows him how to use a bottom boy. They seize control of Johnny Hunger's holes, reducing him to a blind-folded fuck toy. 

Director: Paul Morris

Bruce Wayne & Dash Matthews

To the cockmobile! Dash Matthews takes a seat on Bruce Wayne's monster dick and is taken for a ride and fucked full of cum.

Director: Dice

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