Scene 2 from READY TO UNLOAD

SILVER STEELE sucks sloppy schlongs swinging in his face! Try saying that five times fast. But its true, JD DANIELS slaps Silver in the face with his massive BBC meat and sodomizes his hungry face cunt.

Seeing Silver’s ass in the air, JD is ready to pop that bubble. He slowly slides himself in inch-by-inch, pacing up his thrusts to full speed and breaking Silver in half.

Director: Kenny Host


Scene 1 from READY TO UNLOAD

DAYTON O’CONNOR is a bottom killer. He will fuck your hole raw with his perfect missile cock and you will love ever second. We said “JACK HAMMER” - but all Dayton heard was “hammer jack!” Right out the gate, Dayton pile drives his dick into Jack’s face so hard Jack gets a nosebleed.

Not about to let a little bodily harm come between his holes and dick, Jack jumps back into action. From full on ass-to-mouth, to popper fuelled pogo cock ride, Jack gives it up and Dayton takes control.

Director: Kenny Host

Diego Tovar & Adrian Silver

Diego Tovar gets a taste of Adrian Silver front to back. Swallowing dick and burying his face in hole, Diego primes Adrian to ride his cock to completion - not once, but twice!

Director: Dice

Dean Rogers & Nixxon Black

Dean Rogers and Nixxon Black get into some hard nipple twisting / ball slapping action before Dean rough fucks a load into Nixxon's guts and then fists it in for good measure.

Director: Sebastian Saint

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