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with Deep Dicc, Botanist, Gio De Luca, Jonah Wheeler

Scene 2 from WHAT I CAN'T SEE 4

Directed by Scum

AKSEL THORSEN assumes the position blindfolded on all fours and the breeders are let into the room getting their first look at the hole high up in the air waiting for cock.

DEEP DICC, THE NUDE BOTANIST, GIO DE LUCA & JONAH WHEELER sit back on the couch – four horny studs who know they are here to watch the live fuck show and get their rocks off.

Jonah wastes no time going in to pound Aksel’s butt giving a thorough fucking and opening up the hole for his mates.  Jonah almost has to be pried away from the bottom’s grade A cunt to let someone else have a turn.  Gio goes in second and gets a good fuck in before turning Aksel on his back.  Nude Botanist has a turn and then Deep and his legendary cock impales Aksel.  We know he felt those 2 big black cocks!

Jonah Wheeler is the man of the hour, delivering one of the best internal cumshot breedings we have seen.  The hole is now full of Jonah’s huge load of jizz so the other guys have a now juicy hole to nut on and in.

Aksel is left on the bed with his pussy hole winking and hoping there are more dicks to cum.

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