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ALAM HERRERA gets treated to a double dick session with BRANDON VEL & EMANUEL ESTEVA who tag team the bottom and make sure he constantly has dick in his mouth and his ass.

Emanuel holds Alam’s ass cheeks open so that Brandon can bury his cock as far inside as he can drill it.  Brandon fucks for quite a while and Emanuel even rims the top’s ass as he plows before he gets his own turn at fucking the pussy.

Alam positions his hole up in the air on the side of the bed to allow the two buds full access to drive their cocks in one after the other.  The pals take turns before they decide to double fuck - we know that is just an excuse so they can feel each other’s cocks rubbing up against each other!

Brandon squirts his load first, getting the cumdump full of jizz for Emanuel to use as lube.  Having Brandon’s sperm around his cock is too much for Emanuel and he fucks out a nut of his own.

Brandon felches the cum out the ass while Alam jerks off and cums.

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