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Paul Morris

ALEX is a likable arrogant fucker with a real big cock. He brandishes his dick the way a bullfighter waves his red cape. Fucking is a fine art for this stud. We gave him pretty-boy BRANDON, a feisty little whore-bottom who sells his fine brown ass muy cheap.
Don’t let his killer good looks fool you: Brandon’s the kind of whore who’ll bend over in a dark alley and let you fuck him for a dollar or two. Just before coming to the shoot, Brandon had been fucked by an arrogant American businessman who’d paid him a whopping 50 pesos.
So when Alex gets frisky and fucks hard, Brandon moans and cries out like a pathetic little girl. Can’t blame him: his bunghole was all pouty and sore from being fucked all the time. Afterward we let Alex decide how much we’d pay Brandon. Alex didn’t hesitate. Grinning and laughing, he said “Twenty pesos for the whore.” Brandon was fine with that. He was in no position to disagree; not with thick ropes of Alex’s jizz leaking from his cheap used-up boy-hole.


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