Paul Morris
Paul Morris

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There's no doubt who's in charge when DAN FISK gets to have his way with his own side of "Beef-cake." Dan is a sexed up man-handler who knows how to bring out the filthiest in a boy. BEEF immediately shows he knows his place; suckin' on Dan's glorious piece of man meat.Intent on boning some prime ass, Dan gets down to the business at hand.

Beef is on his back in an instant, and Dan begins to plow that ass the way only he can. Flat out, full force fucking is what it's all about. Dan literally lifts Beef with the power of his thrusts. These guys should be in a circus, fucking in almost every conceivable position. This isn't a quick "pump and dump" scene. Dan uses his manly muscle to take Beef on the dick-filled thrill ride of his life.

It takes over 15 minutes for the scene to reach its climax, and it is worth the wait! Dan pounds the jizz out of Beef before letting loose a torrent of his own stud-juice and then continues to bang that hole a while, for extra measure, until his cock and balls are completely drained. Turn on HD to view this scene in it's correct aspect ratio.

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