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Scene 10 from Ruin the Cunt

Ya know any scene with DREW DIXON and ANTONIO MIRACLE (Spain) is gonna be good! These guys are seasoned porn vets because they are two of the horniest fuckers who love sex and who always have hungry holes and balls full of cum.

The chemistry jumps off the screen as Antonio feasts on Drew’s infamous cunt getting it ready for his uncut Spanish inquisition. The 2 horn dogs take turns sucking each other’s dicks.

That is just the warm-up.

Drew begs Antonio to fuck him and fuck him Antonio does, mounting the legendary hole and pumping it hard and fast until he breeds it which is pretty much what Drew Dixon lives for. After Miracle has cum, Drew begs him again to stick it back in so the dick hit on Drew’s prostate and forces Drew to shoot. Antonio cleans off Drew’s wet cock with both guys making sure the other has his load.

Well done you.

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