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JAY ELLIOT – THE FUCKTARD reminisces over past perversions with the crew before DREW SEBASTIAN decides there has been enough yapping and puts Jay’s mouth to work. Knowing he’s gotta earn that first taste of cock, the Fucktard’s mouth gets run over denim, leather, and Drew’s filthy boot bottoms before Drew has even considered unzipping and allowing the fag access to his superior cock.

Fucktard’s fuck hole gets the once over as Drew inspects his latest piece of fuck meat. Slicked with spit this nasty pig is probed, positioned, and primed for a pounding. A well-fed fucktard is a happy fucktard, and Drew has enough dick for leftovers. He fills Jay’s throat with meat and balls, demanding eye contact and showing his dominance, no hole goes unfilled — even the one between Jay’s ears.

Strapped to the bed Jay gets fucked down and Drew gets fucked up, punishing his helpless bottom with a toothbrush. You know what that means, don’t you?

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