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Scene 5 from ASSGASM

DREW SEBASTIAN is a Treasure Island Media legend and he and his cock only get better. RYAN SEBASTIAN contacted Drew and asked him if he would take him under his porn wing. This is how porn’s first porn son came to be. We think once you get a look at Ryan’s impressive cock you are going to want him to fuck you too. Ryan suggested they get together to use BEAU NIK. Drew works over the new cunt while Beau sucks on Ryan’s rock-hard cock. Drew knows how big his dick is and it is going to take some work to fit that massive meat in the tiny hole, so he has Ryan go in first to get it open, but expertly distracts Beau with his cock in the bottom’s mouth as Ryan slides in and starts to fuck. We love how happy these men are as they start to fuck. Drew seems impressed with his boy’s cock and how well he uses the hole. Now that Beau is somewhat open from Ryan’s cock – Drew positions him on all fours and squeezes his big meat in as Ryan holds Beau down on the bed helpless to get away from Drew Sebastian’s mammoth tool, hard fuck, and pussy target practice. Drew Sebastian coins the phrase “assgasm” as he feels Beau’s hole clenching down on his cock. The guys take turns letting Beau ride their cocks as the other fucks his face. Drew decides it is time to cum and tosses Beau down on the bed and manhandles the kid until he squirts. Ryan is so worked up; he shoves his cock in the cum-lubed hole and uses Drew’s load to work out his own – adding his cum to the frothy mess. We think this is a fuck encounter of a lifetime that Beau is not going to forget. He cleans off both cocks with his mouth to make sure he has every drop of spooge inside.

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