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Scene 3 from DICKLESS MEN

GUNNAR GATES and BOBBY RYKER show up with a double set of caged dicks – as if to prove they are there to be used by DREW SEBASTIAN and his legendary phallus.

“Show me what I got.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Make it all about your hole.”

Gunnar and Bobby toss their legs up so Drew can see what he gets to play with – eager cunts with caged clits. Drew teases the boys with his big rod and then tastes both furry cum receptacles.

Drew starts to fuck them side by side – enjoying teasing their caged erections with his hands as he slides his girth in and out. Drew gets on his back and has the guys take turns riding his manhood and tasting each other’s ass on his dick.

To finish things and to release his cum – Gunnar and Bobby get on top of each other so their pussies are fully exposed and Drew can go back and forth between asses and dump his seed in both holes. The sluts then clean off Drew’s dick just like they should.

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