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with Santino Cruz, Eddie, Leo Estebon & Parker Logan

Scene 6 from WHAT I CAN'T SEE 4

Directed by Scum

GUNNAR GATES is the afternoon cumdump for SANTINO CRUZ, LEO ESTEBON & PARKER LOGAN.  One of the highlights of the scene is the return of 3-SHOT EDDIE who lives up to his name and then some. 

Leo fucks and cums and Eddie – who loves nothing more than a pump and dump – is so excited he can barely stop himself from inseminating Gunnar.

Santino fucks and shoots next really enjoying Gunnar’s hole with 2 fresh loads.  Parker steps up and takes a taste of the now 3 loads in the asspit before fucking it himself and adding his own cum to the mix.

Eddie is now ready to really breed and we won’t tell you how many times he orgasms this time, but lucky Gunnar gets all the nut and is left sated but still wanting more.  The final shot of Gunnar’s hole dripping in splooge says it all.

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