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Guess who’s coming to dinner? The first time we met HOLDEN PHILLIPS, he showed up to jerk off with black and blue marks all over his ass (you can see that for yourself in COCK the movie). He went on to tell us how much he loved being a true sub to sadistic men and their cocks.

No doubt, the pièce de résistance to the movie, Holden – with zero resistance - is the guest of honor at Kenny’s super slutty pool party. He shows up and tokes before he endures a few (several) pokes. The boys decide to get a little rough with their new pool toy and use their cocks for some modified water boarding. But that is just the beginning.

DREW SEBASTIAN, JACK HAMMER, DADDY PIG, and PIG all move in to get a feel for Holden. He is probed tasted and abused in and out of the water, barely being given enough time to catch his breath.

They’ve had their fun and decide to move this party to solid ground where Holden is in for some roughin’ up. Holden’s mouth is used to nurse their cocks while they milk him so they can use his own cum as lube. Seriously, Drew Sebastian jerks Holden off and lathers the kid’s cum all over his dick.

Drew’s massive cock is only the first to enter Holden’s innards, stretching him open so each big dicked top man can step in and easily load this boy’s ass up. They take turns, Daddy Pig & Pig egging each other on. They toss him back in the pool for some sweet man piss before breeding Holden’s hole one after the other.

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