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Paul Morris
Max Sohl

IAN JAY was looking for trouble, so we gave it to him. We had him come surrender his body to be used by some of our horniest breeders.With no small talk and Ian’s legs spread, LUIZ PRONTO is face deep in Ian’s hole, slicking the boy up to be the first bare dick inside. He lubes up Ian’s guts with pre-cum getting him ready for TOR MATTHEWS’ heavy cum leaking pole. Already dripping sperm from his ass, DANNY ORTEGA drives his dick in and quickly adds his DNA to the mix while Ian cleans the ass juice off Tor’s cock. CJ MICHAELS waits patiently for his turn at the cummy fuck hole and lies back and lets Ian ride his cock. He uses the young man’s fuck chute like a toy to jack off in. All the guys continue to take turns on Ian’s hole until all of them have left juicy spermy deposits.


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