Paul Morris
Paul Morris

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KEER takes full control of DINO ROSSO in this near 20 minute fuck fest. First he rims Dino a bit--lots of spit makes for a smooth ride! When he gets down to business, Keer buries his bone leisurely; there's no hurry, just a steady, measured pace as he drills deep, giving Dino every inch of his impressive dong.

This scene has it all: fucking, felching, and even some shrimping action: Keer doesn't miss a stroke while he simultaneously licks and sucks every part of Dino's foot.

To the rhythm of an unheard Bolero, Keer lays some major pipe. Then he picks up the pace, using some sideways "English" to hit the neglected parts of Dino's greedy cum-trap.

Flipped over onto his stomach, Dino clutches the blanket in an effort to withstand the intense anal assault. Hungry for this exceptional hole, Keer pushes his tongue into the gamey warmth again, much to the delight of the bearded bottom.

Dino is certainly up to the challenge, not only withstanding the relentless probing of Keer's love-muscle, but fuckin' reveling in it. With such inspiration, Keer shoots his gooey load--and then plunges his dick back in until he has emptied his balls completely. Grateful for the ride, Dino shows his appreciation by sucking Keer's dripping tool and swapping even more spit with his dominator.

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