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Scene 6 from CUM CANNONS

It is a fun day in the sun when new to Treasure Island NATHAN BATES has the infinite pleasure to get fucked by two of the most infamous top dicks in porn. Trucker JACK DIXON & legendary stud DREW SEBASTIAN. These cocks are huge and the balls are full of sperm that needs to be released.

Nathan sucks both cocks before Drew bends him over, takes a look at his hole, and slides his big shaft right in balls deep. Ouch! Drew fucks it good and gets it open so Jack can have a turn. Jack’s cock is fat and it's a good thing the hole has been opened.

Nathan lies back on a chaise lounge and throws his legs up in the air with the pussy right there for cock. Drew and Jack go back and forth between fucking the bottom’s ass and fucking his throat.

For the finale – Nathan stands bent over as Drew fucks him until he cannot hold back and his balls explode squirting famous Drew Sebastian cum in the bottom’s ass. Nathan licks up a few stray drops of Drew’s cum and then Jack is next to unload – dumping his seed leaving Nathan nice and full.

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