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Paul Morris


MICHAEL and CHRIS, and a HOT change of pace. I paired porn great MICHAEL BRANDON (his cock is aptly nicknamed "Monster") with legendary CHRIS McKENZIE (your favorite cum-eater from SWALLOW ... MORE) for a cocksucking / cum-eating session. These two hadn't met before: they took one look at each other, and all I had to do was stay out of their way. CHRIS is mesmerized by MICHAEL's truly awesome cock, and only takes it out of his mouth so his can stick his tongue up MICHAEL's hot asshole. In no time, CHRIS works a load out of Monster, er ... I mean MICHAEL ("I want what you got in those balls, bro!!") and swallows down every drop. Then he feeds MICHAEL a big thick load of his own cock-juice. And MICHAEL, still totally turned-on, kisses CHRIS to taste the flavor of their mingling loads. And this sends him over the top again! CHRIS, needless to say, laps up and savors every last delicious drop of Monster's second cumload ...




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