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Paul Morris

There’s a great moment at the beginning of this scene. MAX CAMERON and JAY BRIX don’t realize that the camera is rolling. They’re molesting each other, smelling and tasting each other, getting to know the terrain. Then one of them sees the camera and everyone breaks out laughing.

And the moment the laughing stops, they face each other again and get down to the serious engagement of man-fucking. And the connection between these two gets deeper and more intense throughout the fuck.

MAX CAMERON is a man who knows the art of being a bottom inside-out. He’s that rare thing, a classically beautiful guy who gives himself up completely without a trace of ego. I’ve enjoyed watching him from his very first work in porn. And now I think he’s one of the very, very few guys who’ve made the jump to “porn star” who is still able to connect with a man on camera without a trace of acting or fakeness.

MAX and JAY dig every single moment they’re together. This is sex that clearly shows you that man-fucking is the highest and best art, and one that anyone can get right.

Shot by Pony Hunter in the TIM Idaho compound.

Featured in We Are Coming For You (Pre-Release Scene)

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